The Project Kid:
Can salvage toys and craft toys from salvageable toy parts.
Has only foil to begin with.

Project Kid - Male Project Kid - Female

The Naughty Kid:
Can manifest coal. May ignite coal and manipulate fire.
Has only coal to begin with.

Naughty Kid - Male Naughty Kid - Female

The Selfish Kid:
Can control one other toy at a time.
Brought no toys of value (arrived emptyhanded).

Selfish Kid - Male Selfish Kid - Female

The Rich Kid:
Can manifest money. Can spend money to call in an airdrop of supplies for the following round, e.g. milk and cookies (buff, bait, heal), fruit snacks (heal), gummy/flintstone vitamins (heal, buff, salvageable material), clothing (armor), toys. Drop elements are not repeatable, e.g. action figures can only be dropped once.
Has a cell phone and money to begin with.

Rich Kid - Male Rich Kid - Female

The Quiet Kid:
Can stealth and allow moving objects to slip through them (at stationary risk).
Has a highly modified airsoft rifle (scope, single, triple, and automatic fire), airsoft grenades, and trip wire.

Quiet Kid - Male Quiet Kid - Female

The Rebellious Kid:
Can generate and manipulate snow. May unleash frost and absorb heat (at fever risk). (single instance, area over time)
Has a dart gun, insulated gloves, and conduction wire.

Rebellious Kid - Male Rebellious Kid - Female

The Nice Kid:
Can swap the locations / inertia of any toys / inanimate objects they lend or own. Lent toys may operate via allocation.
Has three good kid toys of their choice (can only operate one at a time), e.g. RC car / boat / plane, drone, action figures, blocks…

Nice Kid - Male Nice Kid - Female

The Dreaming Kid:
Can convert a toy to the scale appropriate version of what they represent. May animate imagery to fragile ephemeral toy versions of what they represent.
Has art supplies.

Dreaming Kid - Male Dreaming Kid - Female